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Unified User Experience

Making that great first impression is crucial, and you cannot afford to be losing customers due to a sub-par user experience. Responsive design offers a consistent user experience across all devices from smartphones to huge 4K displays, allowing website visitors to get the most out of their available on-screen real estate.

Improved User Engagement

Mobile apps can serve many functions but, ultimately, they provide a quicker and easier way for customers to reach you. Some companies base their entire business models around mobile apps by allowing customers to make reservations in restaurants, redeem discount coupons at local stores, contact customer support and more, all in just a few taps. zoom in on their screens either.

Greater Brand Visibility

People are spending more time on their smartphones than ever before, and an increasing number of consumers are eschewing desktop devices altogether in preference for mobility. Most people also keep their phones with them wherever they go. Native apps even allow you to be constantly visible to your customers, even when they’re offline.

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IT Project Management – Making Technology Work for You

Success in today’s highly competitive environment requires companies to operate as efficiently as possible. A major part of that involves staying at the forefront of technological innovation. Finding ways to more effectively plan and organise your IT strategy is essential for ensuring that technology works for you rather than against you.

Although end-user roles might be getting simpler, the inner workings of modern IT environments are getting more complicated and diverse. Without the right approach, implementing the latest technology can take months or even years. IT project management refers to the planning and oversight of projects such as software development, cloud implementations, virtualization and any other IT-related systems.

We management It projects to ensure that new system deployments are carried out smoothly and with minimal downtime. At first, the project manager will identify the goal before drawing up the steps necessary to bring the project to conclusion. The life-cycle of the project also includes creating the deliverables and ongoing monitoring and control to ensure continuous improvement over time.

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Our Offer

Wakefield-Smith helps you stand out among the competition and increase conversion rates through sustainable, goal-driven web development projects.

  • Goal-driven solutions tailored directly to your organization’s needs
  • Fully customised web design and development
  • Apps for e-commerce, customer support, business processes and more
  • Fast and efficient system deployments
  • Application storyboarding and visual representation
  • Ongoing support for the entire software development lifecycle

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