Why not just use an off-the-shelf product?

Most off-the-shelf software is built with mulltiple businesses in mind, and has to try and cater to the needs of each one. Even software thats built for a specific industry, would have to cater for the 100 hundreds of variations between them. Add to that, the unique way each company runs their business. It's impossible for a software product to cater for all these instances. Even if they could make one product that caters for all these variations, the sale people would go crazy trying to configure all the various customisations required by the client. So in the end, compromises have to be made. They choose only the main features, that most of their clients are asking for or they decide which ones are the most bang for buck to work into their product.

These compromises are what you feel, when you ask, "but can it do this?" and the sales rep, says, yes of course, only to find out later that what he meant was, with a bit of a workaround, it can do this... And you're left clicking buttons, copying and pasting, having to frustratingly do several things in order to get something simple done. Or worse yet, he lies, hoping to make the sale and get you signed up before you realise. I hear it all the time. The frustration, the woes. The lack of support, for a product, doesn't really do what you need.

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Bespoke Software Is The Best Return On Your Investment!

Three words.

Uber, Airbnb, Amazon.

When it comes to software, are you going to use what everyone else is using, or do you want to be ahead of the pack?

We build software around your business processes. Perfect fit, every time. In doing so, we differentiate you from your competition. Do things faster, easier and more importantly - your way!

Why change the way you do business, when you can change the way the world does business

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Wakefield-Smith Software Engineering is a software development and IT consulting firm based in southwest London. We manage and deliver large-scale IT projects ranging from stock-taking and inventory-management solutions to personal recruitment platforms, e-commerce apps and websites and more. We enjoy working with a wide range of companies, having worked with clients such as Marks and Spencer and Adidas. We’re also passionate about some of the biggest names in the technology industry, such as Microsoft .NET, Node, Mongo, Angular, React, among others.

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