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Wakefield-Smith Software Engineering is a software development and IT consulting firm based in southwest London. We manage and deliver large-scale IT projects ranging from stock-taking and inventory-management solutions to personal recruitment platforms, e-commerce apps and websites and more. We enjoy working with a wide range of companies, having worked with clients such as Marks and Spencer and Adidas. We’re also passionate about some of the biggest names in the technology industry, such as Microsoft .NET, Node, Mongo, Angular, React, among others.

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The dot com crash of '99 was a spectacular example of over investment in IT infrastructure. We've come a long way since then and yet we often find development firms, more insterested in selling a system, than supporting the needs of their clients.

Our desire is to focus on shorter, more practical software deliveriables. Releasing change incrementally. This helps us and you to produce a more usable and business focussed end product, without the need for a large capital outlay upfront.

First and foremost is our desire to build trust with our clients through transparency in all our communications. Our company culture is all about building lasting relationship with you. Our vested interest is in your long-term success.

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